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Version 1.3 – Updated 14th October 2018


Peslo Studios (the Studio) is a United Kingdom based studio operated by Ryan Bourne. You may contact him at or via Twitter or Facebook. The Studio's registered address is:

Peslo Studios LTD
19 Wykeham Drive,
RG23 8HP

The Studio develops various mobile games and applications (Applications) for the iOS and Android platform, an example being GEOMO, the most recently released Application by the Studio.

In order for the games to function, certain data may be collected from the User’s device by various Third Party frameworks which the Studio utilises in its Applications. Almost all Applications in the mobile gaming industry collect this data, some actually collecting even more than the Studio does.

Without this data, the functionality provided by the Applications would be hindered and many aspects would not work. Not only would this lead to a substandard experience, but it would also reduce the likelihood of future games being possible as the Studio would be unable to effectively identify how to improve the Applications it produces.

The Studio does not collect or store any personally identifiable data – the Studio has no interest in being able to personally identify users.

What is data collected for?

Data in games produced by the Studio collect some data from devices, in a fashion that means users are not uniquely identifiable. Data is used by the Studio in order to produce a better experience for the end User.

Data collected includes but is not limited to:

  • Device details – Operating System Type / Version, Device Make / Model, Language, Free Space / Ram, Network Type.
  • Network based location (not in any way precise or intrusive, it helps to identify the country and town the Games are played in, it will never be a precise location or identify the user).
  • Current app version installed.
  • Engagement details within the application – such as scores, session times and whether certain parts are interacted with.
The Studio collects this data through Third Party frameworks, including but not limited to:
  • Google Analytics – an analytics framework used across the industry.
  • Google Play Games – a cross-platform gaming platform, allowing for use of leaderboards, achievement and other social features in the applications.
  • OneSignal – a push notification framework which is widely used in the industry to send push notifications to the User’s device.
  • Appodeal – an advert mediation solution which is used to provide relevant adverts within the applications.
  • Fabric / Crashlytics – a crash reporting framework used to help with debugging issues in the applications.
This data is used for various reasons, including but not limited to:
  • Tracking user preferences and habits, such as whether some parts of the applications are prefered to other parts, and to identify these trends to improve the user experience within the Applications.
  • Protecting data within the Applications.
  • Providing the base experience, through social features and user engagement solutions.
  • Other legitimate business purposes, such as determining where the Applications are used to help advertise in the right places, or presenting adverts that are in the right language for the player’s device.
No data in any form will make a User personally identifiable, the Studio has no interest in identifying users by the data provided. All data is held securely by the aforementioned Third Parties, and is not passed on to other companies. We take all available measures to ensure that the data is held securely, but as no system can be guaranteed to be 100% secure we cannot accept liability for any breach that may occur.

How can I opt out?

If you wish to opt out of data collection entirely, you may:

  • Use the Settings application on your device to disable permissions for the Applications.
  • Enter the settings screen within the Applications and select ‘Opt Out’, which will disable analytics until ‘Opt In’ is pressed. Some data will still be sent for minimal usage, such as for advert presentation, in a minimised form.
  • Uninstall the Applications from your device altogether.
We do not knowingly collect data from under 13’s, if any parents or guardians discover that their children have been using the Application without their consent please do get in touch via Requested information will be deleted within a reasonable period of time.


By being open about how the Studio collects and uses data, the Studio hopes that Users will have a greater understanding of how their data is used and protected by the Studio and other Third Parties. By using the Application, you accept the terms of this policy.

If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch!